Shopie Direct Sales give you the option to make money to sell products. There is over a 1000 diffrent products you can choose from to sell.


How to make money with Shopie Direct Sales?

Sign up and start selling products to your neighbors, family and businesses around you.


  • Go to your neighbors and family ask them to support you to buy basic products or electronics that they need, even if they want to upgrade their house to a home let they buy the building material from you.


  • Get businesses to buy products from you. We can also get them beter prices if they buy in bulk. Businesses always bring the biggest sales in and you can make the most money from them.

How to become a great seller?

  • Choose from the categories witch products will you can sell the best.


  • If you want to sell just a few product and want to make alot of money you will need to sell expensive products.


  • If you just want to make a few extra money you can just sell cheap products.


  • You can also buy product you need on Shopie and make money.

What products can I sell?

There is over a 1000 diffrent products to choose from.

From food till hardware

Visit the category page to see what you can sell.

How much can I make.

Here is a example how much you can make.

If you sell R10 000 per day you can earn +- 845 that will be R20 280 per month if you work for 24 days per month.

How does it works?

Your work is only to get sales and to put in the orders we do the rest. Your client need to pay before the order will be process.

How do I get paid?

When you start at Shopie you work on a commision.


You can choose on a monthly payment or weekly.

Payment Options.

Read more about payment options on FAQ page.

What Shopie Direct Sellers are saying

I sign up on Shopie Direct Selling and make over R30 000 per month.

With Shopie Direct Selling I buy my own car and house.

Shopie Direct Selling change my life.

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