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Why sell with us?

You only pay a once off fee  from R900 to open your store on Shopie Marketplace. If you want to sell online, their will be a third party fee that the gateway ask that start from 4.5%.

Get access to our base of over two million potential buyers.

Rating system gives new customers the confidence to buy from you.

We’re here to help with our support team, you’ll always have a real person to speak to.

And most of the orders you will get will be bulk sales.


Shopie is packed with features to drive your sales.

Affordable and transparent fee options.


Analytics to improve your sales.

Diffrent payment gateways.

More business with Shopie One Request, Multiple Quote (ORMQ)

SRewards Points that they can use to shop again by you.


4 Simple Steps to Sell to 18M+ South African Shoppers

1) Upload Products.

2) Get Orders.

3) Fulfill Orders.

4) Receive Payment.


How do I get paid once and item sells?

Once an order is received, you will need to package and courier your order to the buyer. Once the package is delivered, the order amount will be credited to your bank account.

Who stores, packages and ships my items?


We will keep you update when we offer you place to store your products


You do the package to make sure your branding grow.


You do the shipping.

If you ask money for shipping then you will get it with amount from the sale you make.

Why should I sell on Shopieonlinestore?

Benefits to opening a store on Shopie.

We’ll promote your store and products to help you grow your sales.

We’ll provide the tools you need to set up and sell – manage your stock, pricing, product selection and more from your Seller Portal.

We help you to choose which courier service to use for fast delivery to your customer.

What is One Request, Multiple Quotes (ORMQ) ?

One Request, Multiple Quotes 

When clients want quotations for products you sell you will recieve a email for the product and quantity the client want. If you reply back with a quotations in 24 hours from we send the client request out your quote will be including with the rest of the quotes.

How much does it cost?

We only have a once off fee from R900 to open your owen store on Shopie.

Seller that have a success story to share.

Learn how businesses of all sizes have grown.

Kamel Toys And Hobbies

We can now sell our products 24 hour a day.

Baba En Kleuter

We’ve experienced a major grow in our sales from we join the Shopie Marketplace.

Bull Auto Parts 

Are sales grow with more then 30% from we open a store on Shopie South Africa.